HUSQVARNA® TS 400 F Masonry Saw

Masonry Saw TS 400 F

TS 400 F is an efficient universal masonry saw with high cutting capacity for all kinds of bricks and building blocks. With this table saw you get a maximum cutting depth of 125 mm in one pass or up to 230 mm by step cutting. You can easily plunge or bevel cut at 45 degrees for maximum versatility. The robust single-piece frame with integrated conveyor rails gives great rigidity and provides longer product life. The machine is easy to handle by one person thanks to the foldable legs.

  • Easy set-up: One person can set up the machine, thanks to the semi-automatic folding legs.
  • Versatile: Can plunge and bevel cut at 45° or 90° for maximum versatility.
  • Efficient slurry sedimentation: The collection tray enables efficient slurry handling for long pump life.
  • Sturdy and reliable motor: Provides long product life.


Technical Data

Frequency 50 Hz
Rated input power 2.2 kW
Blade diameter, max 400 mm
Cutting depth, max 230 mm
Max cutting length 700 mm
Product size height 600 mm
Product size width 600 mm
Product size length 1120 mm
Weight 96 kg

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