HUSQVARNA® DM 230 Handheld Electric Core Drill Motor

Handheld electric core drill with attractive design and functional ergonomics. The motor is designed with a pistol grip giving you greater control. Handheld core drilling up to 80 mm or drilling with stand up to 150 mm. Suitable for light applications such as ventilation, plumbing pipes and electrical sockets and cables. DM 230 is an excellent choice for professionals as well as semi-professionals.

  • Overload protection: The machine uses pulsation to warn you of an approaching overload. If the load is not reduced the motor will shut off, to prevent overheating. Elgard™ increases productivity and extends product life.
  • Reliable gearbox: Watercooled 3 speed gearbox for optimal drilling performance and longer service intervals.
  • Easy start with reduced speed: To facilitate making a starter hole, speed is reduced by half using the Smart Start® button.
  • Durable and ergonomic design: Durable and shock-proof, designed to protect the electronics. Easy to carry and install thanks to low weight and ergonomic design.


Technical Data

   Electronic product Yes
   Frequency 50 Hz
   Voltage 220-240 V
   Rated input power 1.85 kW
Drilling equipment
   Drill bit diameter with stand, max 150 mm
   Drill bit diameter handheld, max 80 mm
   Recommended drill bit diameter, min 0 mm
Sound and noise
   Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA) 108 dB(A)
   Sound power level, measured 107 dB(A)
   Sound pressure level at operators ear 93 dB(A)
   Number of gearbox speeds 3
   Water connector G 1 / 4″
   Weight 7 kg
   Product size length 438 mm
   Product size width 104 mm
   Water pressure, max 8 bar
   Mounting collar 60 mm
   Spindle thread, inner 1 / 2″
   Spindle thread, outer 1 1/4″ 7 UNC



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