BOSCH® Professional Jigsaw Blades

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Bosch understands the need to cut materials quickly, smoothly and precisely. The company’s broad product offering cuts both conventional and specialized materials. Product selection has been simplified by an industrystandard color-coding system on the shank that quickly identifies the application.

  • HIGH-CARBON STEEL (HCS) Excellent blades for softer materials such as wood, laminated particle board and plastics.
  • HIGH-SPEED STEEL (HSS) Fully hardened high-speed steel blades are ideal for cutting metal, aluminum and non-ferrous metal.
  • BI-METAL (BIM) This highly flexible, tough combination of HSS and HCS results in a blade suitable for the most demanding applications when there is a risk of breakage or when extreme flexibility and versatility are required.
  • TUNGSTEN CARBIDE (TC) Cuts abrasive materials such as reinforced plastics, fiberglass, cement board, stainless steel, tile, glass, cast iron and brick.
  • DIAMOND GRIT The diamond grit blade can be used on the same applications as carbide grit, but has a much longer life. Also for use on hard porcelain tile, granite, slate, marble and other stone surfaces.
  • Teeth (TPI) Every material has a different thickness. To achieve the best possible cutting quality and the fastest cutting time, it’s important to match material thickness with the proper blade geometry. Always keep 2–3 teeth in material while cutting.
  • Tooth Design Bosch blades are designed with optimal tooth spacing, tooth shape and cutting angle to provide the best possible speed, cleanliness of cut and optimal performance.

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Aluminum, Fiber Plaster, Inox, Metal, Wood


Basic, Clean, Progressor, Special, Speed


T101D, T111C, T118A, T118AHM, T118B, T118EFS, T127D, T141HM, T144D, T218A, T227D, T234XF, T244D, T308B, T318A, T318B, T344D


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